Woman bites of part of man's tongue to get DNA
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2015-02-06 19:17:51 UTC
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Probably better to scratch him with fingernails



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A woman who was subjected to a violent sexual assault has described
how she bit off a portion of her attacker's tongue in order to obtain
DNA evidence to use against the man.
Speaking to ITV's This Morning, 29-year-old Adele Barber waived her
right to anonymity as the victim of a sexual assault to encourage
others who suffer a similar situation to try to secure evidence
2015-02-07 11:08:14 UTC
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Post by h***@anony.net
Probably better to scratch him with fingernails
Biting a bit off his tongue or scratching him would likely just make him
mad and even more violent. Better to stick both thumbnails in the corner
of his eyes next to the bridge of his nose and then with a strong gouging
movement remove or severely damage both of them.

He wont be able to run after his victim if he can't see her.